Vera Pospisilova

Hello, we are two girls originally from Czech Republic. We met each other in our childhood and we are a good friends till nowadays. Karolina is 27 years old, Vera is 29 years old. We are seeking for a job in farming. We can start in the end of May, feel free to get seasonal or long temporary work.

Karolina has experiences with seasonal work in foreign countries. She was an apple-picker and cherry-picker in England and Canada. She was employed also as a housekeeper and receptionist in Iceland (hotel Kriunes which is close to Reykjavik it was in 2017) and last summer she was working as a leading women in cleaning company which was connected with Airbnb also in Reykjavik. In Canada Karolina worked as a morels picker and huckleberries picker which means work in wild nature. Thanks to these works, Karolina says that she has shifted limits and has no problem working in nature or abroad.

Vera is used to work in a garden. She took care about family orchard and made homemade marmalades from different kind of fruits she can pickled also. During three years she was employed in mountain guest house Lipuvka in Czech Republic (this part of country is situated in Czech highlands) which also provided sheltered workplace for disabled people. She done accommodation services like cooking and cleaning bedrooms. She also took care of garden with pony and sheeps. Vera is manually handle women and able to cope in all situations.

We are both diligent, responsible, independent. We love beauties of nature and exploring new cultures. Our motivation is to spend more time working in the fresh air and go for a trek sometimes.

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